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Author Biography

Tanzeel Akhtar trained as a foreign correspondent at the University of Helsinki, Finland in 2007 and newspaper journalist at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.
NCTJ Qualified - Media Law, Public Administration and Shorthand 100wpm.

Contributed to The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Bloomberg,, Benzinga, The Street, Kitco News, Financial Times' This is Africa, African Business Magazine, CNBC, Hedge Week, Campden Family Office, Citywire, Modern Investor, Spear's Wealth Management Magazine, The Local, Euromoney, Yahoo! Finance, Global Investor,, CIO UK, Forbes, Funds Global Asia and Portfolio Institutional.

She has held full-time positions at Interactive Investor, Fund Strategy, Money Marketing, Money Observer, Mining Journal, Marketing Week, Futures and Options Intelligence and Waters Technology. Interned at The Independent, South Wales Argus and Lancashire Evening Post.

Twitter: @Tanzeel_Akhtar
Instagram: @Tanzeel_Akhtar
Telegram: @Tanzeel_Akhtar

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